Board of Directors

Eric Zuckerman

Eric Zuckerman, DO, is the current Board Chairman and founding board member of the Pediatric IBD Foundation. Dr. Zuckerman is a Michigan based ophthalmologist whose daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 16.

Dr. Zuckerman was selected to become an FDA patient representative in Pediatric IBD. As a result of this, and under Dr. Zuckerman’s leadership, the Foundation has served as the lead co-sponsor for FDA’s GREAT 2 and GREAT 3 meetings. These groundbreaking meetings saw regulators, industry, and researchers at the same table in collaborative discussions about safety monitoring and streamlining drug approvals for children with inflammatory bowel disease.

At GREAT 3, Dr. Zuckerman presented a model for a public data sharing IBD registry to monitor drug safety. In follow up to the enthusiasm and support received at GREAT 3, Dr. Zuckerman submitted testimony to Congress in support of a National Drug Safety registry for IBD. In addition to his work here in the United States, Dr. Zuckerman has provided input on patient perspectives in drug development to the European Medicine Agencies.

Dr. Zuckerman has co-authored the paper, “ Hurdles in Pediatric Drug Development” and co-authored the Charter for the Children’s Registry for the Advancement of Therapeutics (CREATE). The charter was presented to regulators, industry, professional organizations and foundations at a meeting in Washington, October 2, 2017.

Through the Foundation’s web site and social media channels, Dr. Zuckerman regularly communicates with parents of children with IBD from all over the world. He frequently provides guidance to parents with educational information and resources, understanding from his own experience the challenges faced by families living with IBD.

Dora Present Lewin

Dora Present Lewin is a Regional Private Banking Director for Wells Fargo Private Bank in Boston, MA. Ms. Lewin leads a team of private bankers who work as part of a larger group responsible for meeting high-net-worth clients’ comprehensive wealth management needs.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Ms. Lewin worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and its predecessor organizations for two decades, where she held domestic and international positions in Risk Management, Commercial Lending, Private Banking and Business Integration. Dora began her career as an analyst and then as a senior examiner at the Board of Governors and Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Boston, respectively.

Ms. Lewin graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Economics from Boston University and was awarded All but Dissertation (ABD) in International Development from Northeastern University.

Dora was born in Havana Cuba and grew up in New York City and Miami, Florida. Dora is very involved in the Boston Community and has held board level positions at several key Boston-based Humanitarian, Medical, Arts, and Educational Organizations. She lives in Boston and has one college aged son, Jeremy, who has lived with Ulcerative Colitis since age five and is a first year law student at Harvard Law School.

Joel Shapiro

Joel Shapiro is the Chief Executive Officer of Timbervest, LLC, and has direct responsibility for the overall leadership, strategy and marketing of Timbervest and its related entities. Under his leadership, Timbervest with $2 billion in assets under management, has grown into one of the premier investment managers in the timberland, environmental infrastructure and opportunistic real estate asset classes. Joel has 25 years of experience in the investment industry, having previously founded Shapiro Capital Management, one of the nation’s premier “small-cap value” money management firms. In addition, he was the founder and president of The Atlanta Growth Fund, a publicly traded mutual fund, deploying a regionally focused investment strategy. Throughout his career, he has developed novel approaches to investments and investment theories, and his views and concepts have been published, noted and written about in books and journals, as well as various national publications.


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